My experiences with 3HO Foundation have been numerous and have spanned nearly 20 years. They include countless Kundalini yoga classes; White Tantric Yoga retreats, from one to 5 days, including Winter and Summer Solstice camps; as well as attending many workshops to study Sat Nam Rasayan with Guru Dev Singh and many practice sessions with Guru Mantra Singh, in addition to several Sat Nam Rasayan healing sessions with Guru Dev Singh.

The experiences I have had with the teachings of 3HO have been no less than transformative and always enlightening, empowering, energizing and ultimately reassuring in that they reinforce that each of us has the power to engage with and cultivate the benevolent power and well being that comes from our innate connectedness with the universe. 3HO has taught me practical, daily actions I can do to perceive the vast Light and Love that is ever present, to embody this Light and Love moment by moment, and to begin to radiate Light and Love more and more brightly so that I have come to understand that my thoughts, actions and energies are powerful co-creators with the universal, eternal source of Light and Love.

My assessment of the broad-reaching message of 3HO is that it is paradoxically simple: Journey deeply into yourself with awareness, strength, courage, determination, and commitment and you will experience your one-ness with the limitlessness of eternity.

3HO has taught me through tangible experiences that my mind and physical body, when joined in conscious, focused attention, are powerful tools for awakening wisdom and aligning my actions, as well as my beingness, with that wisdom. We all make choices at every moment to be Light, or something other than Light, and 3HO has helped me to more consistently choose the "Light" within my being - something Earth needs now, from each of us, more than ever before.

Laurie Babb

In 1990, I attended a yoga class at my gym, Kundalini Yoga.  It was the 'Kriya for Elevation'.  I felt I came home to myself!  Another student was there and for a couple of years, we attended class.  The teacher mentioned 'Teacher Training' and the other student signed up.  I felt jealous, so I signed up!  I have since been practicing on my own, substitute teaching, group or private classes and attending further training, encouraging others to do the same.

Kundalini Yoga helps to consolidate one's own understanding of energy, thought, and action.  We are all teachers by example, whatever our level of consciousness.  The Science of Kundalini Yoga builds a strong foundation from which to live life responsibly, joyously, with great humility and reverence for all life.

De Janda, aka Beant Kaur

Meherbani creates an atmosphere of ease and inclusion, and teaches us how to allow the energies of life to simply be what they are. …. There is a sacredness to this practice, and it is always presented with respect and honor for its history and lineage.

Teacher Training has given me a powerful and super-effective methodology to face the challenges of life and meet my goals. Kundalini Yoga has become my backbone to move through the obstacles of life with ease and grace; it has filled my existence with purpose and the capacity to serve myself and others.

Sat Nam

“Taking part in this training has not only deepened my practice but has greatly affected all areas of my life. My relationships with family, friends and my Self have been impacted in the most incredible ways. I am so grateful for this experience and have made lifelong connections with the others participating.”

Siri Dev Kaur aka Tara Kirk

“This teacher training blew my mind. I have been  meditating for about six years, but I gained more from  this teacher training in terms of sheer growth than I did in the prior six years of doing other kinds of meditation. I am not just talking about the wealth of knowledge that they shared with us; I am also talking about growth in terms of my sense of Self and connection with the Infinite. I have completely transformed as a person.

Karl Fuller

“Kundalini Yoga is a heartfelt spiritual journey to walk in the world of the sacred, by cultivating what matters in life; connection to oneself and divinity, love, discipline, joy, resiliency and service to others. It has taught me toradiate and shine brighter from my essence, creating clarity and inspiration.”

Traci Gidwani RN

I have always known that there are sacred spaces, but what I didn't know is that most beautiful one was within Teachers Training has guided me to my own heart, and for me, this is Kundalini Yoga's ultimate experience.”

Fernanda Martinez- Perez

3ho San Diego and Meherbani Khalsa are a gift to this world.  I have gone to a couple Kundalini classes and one Sadhana in San Diego, I live in Vista, 40 miles away so most often I experience a teacher in Encinitas.  However, I took the teacher training with Meherbani and she was like an angel from heaven.  Her discipline and wisdom was wrapped up in the twinkle of her eyes and radiance of her Soul.  Currently I am teaching Kundalini once a week at the Soul Center in Encinitas.  So often students come up to me and ask how can I deepen my experience and understand Kundalini, my reply is always, please go see the "real deal" Meherbani.  Her classes, her healing and for me her teacher trainings are life changing and straight from the heart of her Guru, Yogi Bhajan.  I feel so blessed to know her and to have been in her presence and training.  She is a treasure, an amazing teacher.

Marcia Frescura, Mahanraj KaurDirector, The Soul Center
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