Upcoming Workshops

Timeless Beauty

with Heather Sweeney

Saturday, March 17th
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

$25 Pre-Register, $40 Day of
10% Discount to Members

Get that glow! Are you ready to shine and enhance your inner radiance?
In this 2-hour workshop with Heather you will experience timeless Kundalini pranayams, yoga exercises and meditations, which will help recapture your youthful spirit, alleviate stress (which can really wear on the body!) and elevate your energy. You will learn new self-care practices and yogic beauty secrets. Vitality, youth and beauty are not tied to a certain age. You will learn to expand your essence through the ancient wisdom and practice of Kundalini yoga. Through this sacred technology you will reconnect with your highest vibrational self.
It is time to be bold and radiate. It is time to shine your light in this world.

with Dr. Dana Reece

Saturday, March 31st
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

$39 Pre-Register, $50 Day of
10% Discount to Members

Fear. Nothing can stop us from being all we can be in the way that fear can. Yet there is no growth without facing it, and intuition is the perfect tool to help us navigate the path from fear to growth.

Join us for this next phase of the Transformation Through Writing journey, as we utilize the technology of Kundalini pranayama and meditation, as well as writing, in order to source some of the ways we can sharpen our intuition and thus position ourselves to be and do more. No yoga, meditation, or writing experience is necessary.


Space is limited. This one will fill, so tune in, trust your knowing, and if you’re feeling it, grab your spot!

Dana Reece (Prempal Kaur), PhD, holds advanced degrees in Writing, Literature, and Education. She is a college professor as well as being a 3HO, KRI, and Yoga Alliance certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and an Inner Space Technique (IST) Practitioner.


What is KY

with Harijot Singh Khalsa

Saturday, April 14th
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

$25 Pre-Register, $40 Day of
10% Discount to Members

Every human being has a heart and every human being has a spirit, we use this timeless and timely technology to connect us with ourselves.
Feel free to ask questions in this friendly introduction workshop. If it looks weird and people still do it after 40 years, it’s got to have something to it!
So try for yourself because our motto is “it’s all about the experience”. 

In this workshop you will learn and experience:
– The translation and purpose of chanting “Ong Namo” before each class.
– Different breathing techniques and how we use our breath to activate the pranic body.
– What ‘Breath of Fire’ is and how to properly do it.
– The different body locks and how they benefit your practice.
– A Yoga set to Awaken the 10 Bodies, which will  include relaxation and gong.

Afterwards, enjoy some homemade yogi tea and a Q&A session with Harijot!

Harjjot Singh Khalsa was born in the Kundalini lifestyle and spent his high-school years at Miri Piri Academy, which was founded by Yogi Bhajan. The school is based in India, and yoga and meditation were part of the daily curriculum. During his time in India, he gained an in-depth knowledge of the culture and is known as a story teller. His classes offer humor and depth. 

with Antoinnette Chirinos and Gurumeher

Saturday, April 28th
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

$25 Pre-Register, $40 Day of
10% Discount to Members

Come bliss out with us in this magical workshop filled with Mother Earth’s gifts!

Journey into the world of the spirit of the plants.
Receive the benefits of different herbs and crystals through oils, sprays, and tinctures.
Experience their spiritual qualities and healing powers.
Immerse yourself in a sound healing vibration while being part of a group healing.

This is a workshop for self-care and nourishment through the medicine of Mama Earth & the pathway of Kundalini Yoga.

Antoinnette Chirinos was born and raised in Peru, in a household where her Grandparents practiced energy healing and made home remedies with native herbs and fruits. She has always been very intuitive, which has allowed her to feel others’ energy and have premonitions.
Once her grandma left her physical body, Antionnette’s gifts began to grow and she could feel her grandma guiding her on the right path. It was at this time that she began her journey with a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program and  became even more spiritually connected. It wasn’t until she completed her Sacred Plant-Medicine Holistic Healing Apprenticeship that she began to feel like her complete and true self.
Antionnette also holds certifications in Reiki, Theta Healing, and Intuitive Plant Medicine and uses her gifts to create “high vibrational goodies” for her apothecary, Goddess of Avalon.

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