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sound healing 2

This class opens with a pranayam (breathing exercise) and gentle warm-up, followed by 60 straight minutes of pure vibration by the gong.
The experience of sound within us helps us to arrive in a more neutral state — but the gong allows us to completely surrender and relax, fully activating the parasympathetic nervous system. It enables us to consciously transform our energy.
Every experience with the gong is different. And every experience has something new to offer.

aquarian sadhana

Sadhana is the daily spiritual practice of Kundalini yogis.
Why so early? The ambrosial hours — 2.5 hours before the dawn — are known as the Amrit Vela, or “morning nectar.”
At these hours, you are able to deeply affect your subconscious mind and change your habits, your patterns of thoughts.
The rest of the world is silent and you can be the most *YOU.*
It is 60 times more effective to meditate in these early morning hours, and the experience is enhanced in tenfold when done in a group: the happiness of one person balances the sadness of another, and the vibrations are greater. After sadhana, you can carry on with the rest of your day feeling more connected to your own sense of truth. You are able to communicate clearly, able to understand to a greater capacity. Join us!

community_back bend

This class is free to Cosmic Flow members and beginners alike. Friends are welcome and encouraged to join! No experience necessary.
This is a great opportunity to try Kundalini technology for the first time or the thousandth.

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