Cosmic Flow Yoga is a seed that was planted 10 years ago. Senior teachers dreamed of a studio where the legacy and technology of Kundalini Yoga could be shared in a safe, neutral and uplifting space where people could find healing, depth, inspiring community and a place for them to become their highest self.
We were fortunate enough to find this cozy studio, and as a community decided to pursue that dream, water and nourish that seed that now is blooming into a beautiful flower. It is our honor to be here today, sharing the beauty and bounty of this sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga. Our dream is to plant many of these flowers and to leave a legacy of applied technology for a happy, healthy, holy lifestyle.
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New to Kundalini? Discover the Health Benefits
Kundalini Yoga activates and strengthens all the major body systems – Glandular, Lymphatic, Nervous, Digestive, Circulatory, and Immune – to give you greater strength, energy, fitness, and vitality. In addition to the physical health benefits, Kundalini Yoga awakens your awareness and gives clarity of thought, greater peace, and the ability to stay calm in the face of life’s inevitable storms.

We Offer Teacher Training – There’s a Teacher in All of Us!
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Find the Teacher Within You
Our KRI Level 1 Teacher Training course is open to any person interested and willing to explore the transformational effects of Kundalini Yoga. If you are ready to make a quantum leap of inner growth and devote a year to the practice, study, and discipline of an in-depth teacher training program, this course is for you.