About 10 years ago, a group of Kundalini Yoga teachers decided to open up a studio where the legacy and technology of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology could be shared. We had been teaching Kundalini Yoga in the San Diego area out of our private homes since 1972, and recognized that we needed a commercial space to grow. It took us another 9 years to find a place and manifest that dream in the form of Cosmic Flow Kundalini Yoga.

Cosmic Flow was started and built by community for community. It is a community studio in the truest sense. Initially, our teachers and students helped build the studio by donating their time and expertise painting walls, installing floors, doing electric work and teaching classes. Currently, we have students and teachers helping in the day to day operations, most by trade, for free or for a very modest wage. Our community is what is most important to our success. We are a California non-profit corporation (501C3). We have several free events each month open to everyone.

We teach Kundalini Yoga which is called the yoga of awareness. It works quickly to give you grace, balance, and most of all, the ability to remain calm, centered, and clear through life’s challenges. Although at times Kundalini can be physically demanding, it can also be highly meditative and relaxing. Unlike some other studios that only focus on the physical aspect of yoga, Kundalini emphasizes breath work, chanting and mediation. Its true purpose is to unite the mind and spirit and help each person find their true essence and purpose.