Sometimes we need to dive into our path of healing a little further. These services help us do just that, in the safety and privacy of one on one sessions.
Below you will find more information about the types of private sessions we provide and you can easily book an appointment below.
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Private Yogic Counseling with Meherbani

1 hour $108.00

Yogic Counseling provides a unique, one-on- one opportunity to explore the ways in which the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and Kundalini Yoga can help you shift unconscious patterns and experience greater happiness in all areas of your life.
During the session we will work on identifying your primary issues, and together, we will develop a sadhana “daily yogic practice” tailored specifically for you.
You will be given tools to help you develop self-confidence, healthier habits and a consistent practice so you can discover your life’s purpose, activate your fullest potential and connect with the divine.

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Meherbani Kaur Khalsa experienced her first Kundalini class in 1969 while attending UCLA and began attending regular weekly classes shortly afterward.
Meherbani has practiced and taught Kundalini Yoga most of her adult life. Teaching from her heart with simplicity and humor, she has taught and counseled hundreds of students and helped them connect with their true selves.
*45 years teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga
*220 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training, Phoenix AZ 1974
*300 hour KRI Level 2 Teacher Training, New Mexico and California
*KRI Lead Trainer and Mentoring Lead
* Level 3 Sat Nam Rasayan Healer and Teacher.

Private Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Session

1 hour $108.00

Sat Nam Rasayan® means “Healing in the True Identity.” For thousands of years this healing art has utilized awareness as the only tool.The healer enters a state of total surrender, becoming nothing, and operating from the state of shuniya (the state of zero where the ego is brought to complete stillness). In this state of shuniya, the mind of the healer becomes transcendent and in the vastness of this consciousness, healing occurs.
The process involves holding a neutral, contemplative state of awareness, where one becomes aware of everything through all of one’s sensations, and then allowing the resistances to change or release as one continues to hold the state of awareness. Resistances can be many things including distractions, differentiation of sensations, preconceptions, conditions, boundaries or limits.
Sat Nam Rasayan® can resolve functional disorders as well as pain in general and spiritual or mental disorders such as fear, fatigue and depression as well as acute and chronic diseases. Often Sat Nam Rasayan® is used to produce overall improvement, balancing the patient’s bodily functions and raising his or her spirits and tolerance.

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Private Session with Savannah

1 Hour $80-$160

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Akashic Record Reading- $130

Akasha is the etheric, infinite space where the essence of all energies exist. The akashic records exist in this etheric space + contain records or accounts of your soul’s journey that transcend time + space. One way to imagine the records is a whole library filled with books about all of your soul’s experience, thoughts, + emotions in the past, present + future. They exist as a sort of memory card that contains everything about your soul through all lifetimes + timelines.

Energy Healing Session- $80

In an energy healing session, a warm + soothing energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client through light touch, promoting relaxation + releasing tension. When energy is blocked, this may cause emotional distress, mental blockage, or physical ailments. Energy healing is a healing art used to release these blockages or heal any ailments that may be present from trauma. Some physical or emotional sensations may arise during a session as energy is being worked + moved through the body. (

Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR)- $140

Holographic Memory Resolution, or HMR, is a powerful healing technique that allows access to past memories in order to release the negative emotions associated with them without having to re-live the trauma. Every traumatic experience or memory gets stored somewhere in your physical body + although you’re no longer experiencing the original trauma, your body still believes it’s experiencing the trauma until it’s released from the physical body. The longer these traumas are left unresolved + stored in the mind + body, the more likely they are to cause physical, emotional + mental complications + diseases. HMR seeks to help release those stored traumas by reframing the mind using methods such as color, energy, vibration + sound, ultimately promoting healing + harmony within the body + mind. (


HMR + Energy Healing- $160

The perfect blend of healing that’ll remove stored traumas while releasing tension and promoting relaxation. The session will begin with HMR to release traumas stored in your physical body. Your body is used as a map to find any unresolved traumas to allow for the release of those traumas, promoting deeper healing. Following the trauma release, energy healing will be used as a way to energetically support and heal your body on a deep cellular level by allowing a soothing energy to flow from the hands of the practitioner. (

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