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Cacao Ceremony- Spiritual Heart Opening

Cacao Ceremony- Spiritual Heart Opening
Sunday May 30 5:00-7:30 pm
$35 pre-order $45 day of- Limited spots available!
Cacao, known as “food of the gods”, is a sacred plant derived primarily from Central + South America used to connect the heart + the spirit. In the Mayan culture, cacao is used in ceremony to connect with the Gods both on an individual level + collective level as a way to bring harmony between the soul + nature.

Cacao is a deeply heart-opening plant medicine that contains amazing benefits such as boosting creativity, enhancing blood flow, + containing vital minerals (i.e. magnesium + iron), helping to bring excellent health benefits within the physical body, as well.

During this beautiful cacao ceremony, we’ll create + set intentions with the cacao, + use healing methods such as breath work, dance, song, meditation + energy healing as ways to dive deeper into our hearts + souls to enhance + support the benefits of cacao. You’ll feel the energetic blockages release from your heart space, allowing for more expansion + cultivation of pure love + bliss. At the end of the ceremony, we’ll have space to safely share our experiences together.

What to prepare:
Please wear white clothing to the ceremony as a way to receive more from the cacao as well as connect deeper to your inner world. If you don’t have white clothing, no worries! You can wear light-colored clothing as well. It’s best to refrain from drinking any caffeine the day of the ceremony as this can potentially block some of the deep + profound effects from the cacao. It’s also recommended to refrain from eating at least 2 hours before the ceremony. This will further enhance the affects of the cacao as your body won’t be spending energy digesting food. If you need to eat, please eat as lightly as you can (i.e. fruits and raw vegetables).

What to bring: water, journal + writing utensil, a sacred crystal or other item to infuse the energy from the ceremony, + a meditation cushion.

Cacao Ceremony- Spiritual Heart Opening

Saturday Night Sound Immersion

Saturday Night Sound Immersion
May 22nd 6:00-7:00pm
This monthly class is by donation only and open to all. We will open with a pranayam (breathing exercise) and gentle warm-up, followed by various sound healing vibrations. Typically the gong and or crystal bowls are included, or live chanting with mantra music. The class also incorporates a healing meditation.
The gong works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, purifying and quieting the mind. These healing sound vibrations have the ability to release tension and blocks in the body. Experience relaxation to the next level.
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Saturday Night Sound Immersion