Our Studio is Built Upon Three Pillars


Energy Beyond Breath

Awaken and expand your true potential. Balance your body and mind, and experience the clarity and beauty of your soul.


Vibe with Our Tribe

Cosmic Flow was built by a community, for community. Join our beautiful band of yogis and seekers in the coziness of our studio.


Inspire New Vibrations

Yogi Bhajan came to this country to create teachers, not collect students. Learn how to share this beautiful technology with others.

Client Testimonials

James Kennings

“This practice has aided me through my studies in law school and overall happier life state. Most
importantly, the environment is comforting for self-exploration and the community of people teaching
are some of the best and most genuine I have met.”

Lynn M.

“I love Cosmic Flow.I'd categorize Cosmic Flow as an authentic yoga studio that looks and feels quite different from the standard San Diego yoga studio. Come with an open mind and judge the yoga based on how you feel afterwards.The practice is deep and I get so much from it...the instructors are really unique,but each one seems to genuinely aim to uplift and support students. Kundalini is changing my life.I am so grateful that Cosmic Flow exists."

Macoe Swett

"I love this studio! The energy I feel when I've finished a class there is amazing. It's beautiful, clean, and
intimate, and the teachers are friendly and knowledgeable… you can literally feel yourself vibrating at a
higher frequency after each kriya."

Scott Irwin

“This is the weirdest, most uncomfortable, and BEST thing I've done for myself in years. The classes are
all different and at first bizarre, I usually want to run out 10-15 min into class. I mean c'mon, chanting
and yelling mixed with yoga?? The funny part is that I have way less anxiety and am living more calm
and grateful. The teachers are all amazing… all super kind and non-judgmental.”

Join Our Tribe, Raise Your Vibe.

Cosmic Flow is more than a studio – it’s a community! Become a part of our tribe and meet other like-minded people who are going deep with their spiritual experience. Create lifelong friends who will support your growth and raise your vibe!

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